Dear the participants of PN&G2014

We are very pleased and proud to share the success of PN&G2014. There were 281 participants from 23 countries. 228 presentations, including 8 plenary, 18 keynote, 5 invited, and 56 contributed oral presentations, attracted the audience and brought active and fruitful discussions. There were many people stayed until the last minute of the last day. We really appreciate your cooperation to run the symposium. In order to share our common memories, we uploaded photographs of the mixer, sessions, dinner, ceremony and banquet. Enjoy them. 

See you in Stockholm in 2016. 

With our best regards.


PN&G2014 Secretariat

21th November, 2014   Conference photos were updated

                                        Day1 (mixer)

                                        Day2 (RoomA, RoomB, Poster1)

                                        Day3 (RoomA, RoomB, Poster2)

                                        Day4 (RoomA, RoomB, Dinner)

                                        Day5 (RoomA, RoomB, Conference&Dinner)

15th November, 2014    Group photos (1, 2) were uploaded

4th   November, 2014     Abstracts (All abstracts.pdf) was uploaded

1th   November, 2014     Oral program (Oral.pdf) was uploaded

24th October, 2014        Poster Program (Poster_Program.pdf) was uploaded

24th October, 2014        General Information was uploaded

19th October, 2014        The poster size will be W900mm×H2100mm.

19th October, 2014        Sponsor was updated.

29th September, 2014    Conference venue was updated.

8th September, 2014    Deadline for Registration is extended.

                                      Revised deadline is 30th September, 2014.

25th July, 2014    Poster (PNGposter_fnl0725.pdf) was updated.

21th June, 2014   Deadline for Abstract Submission is extended.

                            Revised Deadline is 31th July, 2014.

21th May, 2014   Information of Proceedings is updated.

21th May, 2014   We plan to make Student Poster Awards supported by Soft Matter.

19th Apr, 2014    2nd circular (SecondCircular.pdf) is updated.

26th Mar, 2014    Detailed information of lecturers is updated.

24th Dec, 2013   1st circular (Circular_140120.pdf) is updated.

10th Dec, 2013    Poster (Poster131210.pdf) is updated.

8th Nov, 2013      Information of PNG Young Investigator awards is updated.


  1. Active participants who wish to present a paper must send an application form.

  2. Registration is required for all the participants including plenary/keynote/invited speakers.

Nov. 10-14, 2014

Ito International Research Center, Tokyo

PN & G

Thank you very very much for your participation in PN&G2014